Group Psychological Abuse

It is a process and a product that occurs in Group contexts when an intense and continuous interaction is associated with recruitment and mantainance of members (Langone, Chambers, 1991). It includes a set of behaviors and strategies  that have been described as combining forms pertinent to the field of aggression ranging from undue influence to interpersonal control, coercion and abuse. These strategies have been described as systematic and intentionals (Langone, 1992), planned, coordinated and subdle (Singer, Lalich, 1995) or manipulative and exploiting (Almendros et al., 2011). Some of these definitions have focused on the objective of abuse, as in the case of control over Group members (Singer, Lalich, 1995) Others on the benefit and advantages of leaders (Almendros et al., 2011) [citation taken from Rodriguer-Carbaillera et al. (2015)].

My research in the field of Group psychological abuse.

1. Validation of psychometric tools for the study of Group psychological study applied to Italian population.

pilot study on 30 former members of different groups:


The survey, realized with the Department of Psychology of the Autonomous University of Madrid, is still open at the following link:

a summary has been published here in italian:

2. Qualitative research on: “Strategies of Group Psychological Abuse applied to violent islamist radicalisation in an immigrant origin population ”.

The doctoral research is underway with the Autonomous University of Madrid.