Judicial pedagogy and forensic psychology

Counseling and psychological support





I have been dealing with problems related to group addiction since 2004 when I founded with others the charity association SOS Abusi Psicologici ODV. The area of ​​intervention of group addiction is very vast and requires a multidisciplinary approach.

As a forensic pedagogist and a psychologist, my interventions in this area include the following professional services:

  • Psychological and pedagogical counseling and support for the individual, the couple and the family
  • Psychological assessment of personality
  • Technical advice for the Court or for the parties
  • Exit counseling (advice for leaving manipulative groups)
  • Reintegration projects for victims of manipulative groups
  • Primary, secondary and tertiary prevention projects in the context of violent radicalization
  • Teaching and research

In 2013 I received the Herbert L. Rosedale Award "in recognition of leadership for the commitment to preserve and protect individual freedom" issued by the International Cultic Studies Association for my collaboration in the promotion of the Friuli Venezia Regional Law 11/2012 Giulia: “Norms for the support of the rights of the person and the full intellectual, psychological and moral freedom of the individual”.